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CREW Network Convention Las Vegas 2021

Crew (description)

CREW Network 2021 Convention Las Vegas 

With more than 12,000 members worldwide, CREW Network increased its professional reach and support during Covid19, with many members calling it their lifeline. The 2021 Hybrid Convention in Las Vegas was a joyous return to in-person networking for thousands of its members. Take a look at some highlights. (2:49mins)  Credits


Friends of Karen Shining Stars (vid)

FOK Shining 2021 (description)

Friends of Karen Shining Stars Virtual Gala 2021 / Celebrating Resilience and Strength 

In many cases, the onset of Covid19 created a double health crisis. Friends of Karen didn't miss a beat, continuing its blend of financial support and an expert team of social workers and art therapists to ensure no family should face their child's life-threatening illness alone. (6:38mins)  Credits


Haley (vid)

Haley (description)

Heartsong: Haley Grace Kulsar 

Haley Grace Kulsar was a beloved member of Heartsong's family for most of her life and loved her Saturday morning creative arts therapy - especially music.  When Haley died unexpectedly, her family created a scholarship in her name so that more could benefit and enjoy the unique therapy program.  It was a pleasure to meet Haley's family and to tell her story for Heartsong's 2021 virtual gala. (4:07mins)  Credits


Crew Virtual (vid)

Crew Virtual (description)

Crew Network 2020 Virtual Convention

The CREW Network 2020 Virtual Convention brought together commercial real estate leaders for deal making, business networking, industry education and leadership development. (2:43mins)


Vance (vid)

Vance Friends of Karen (description)

Friends of Karen Humanitarian Award, 2019 

The president of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, Patricia E. Vance, is honored with the Humanitarian Award by Friends of Karen, for her relentless work on behalf of families. Vance explains her connection with the unique non profit that helps families with critically ill children and her role at ESRB. (4:26mins)


Napoli (vid)

Napoli (description)

Friends of Karen: The Napoli Family 

New York family shows its gratitude to Friends of Karen for its life-changing help when Sophia had a brain tumor. (3:27mins)


Family Services of Westchester: We Are A Community (vid)

Family Services of Westchester: We Are A Community (description)

Family Services of Westchester: We Are A Community

This film, created for the 2016 Star Gala, showcases the broad range of innovative community programs offered by Family Services of Westchester. Featured are a few of those who have benefitted from at least one of the many FSW programs. (5:32 min)


Heartsong 2021 Gala (vid)

Heartsong Gala 2021 (description)

Heartsong Gala 2021 

Heartsong's 2021 Gala went on with great success - packed with great content including our videos, despite the Covid pandemic.  The organization reached its fundraising goal and announced a new scholarship fund to help those who may have trouble affording Heartsong's crucial and unique creative arts therapy for those with special needs. (5:06mins) Credits


FOK 20 Gala (vid)

FoK 20 Gala (description)

Friends of Karen Gala, 2020

Non-profit Friends of Karen asked us to tell their story through archival and current footage for their virtual gala in 2020. (6:02mins)


Good Choice Kitchen (vid)

Good Choice Kitchen (description)

Good Choice Kitchen

A short crowdfunding video was produced for personal chef Laurie Gershgorn to realize her goal of a new dream space, The Good Choice Kitchen in Ossining, New York. Laurie is passionate about cooking delicious, healthy dishes using locally grown, farm fresh organic produce from lower Hudson Valley to benefit the community. (2:08 min)


Children’s Peaceful Garden (vid)

Children’s Peaceful Garden(description)

Children's Peaceful Garden

The Children's Peaceful Garden teaches peaceful play while promoting sustainable living using an easily replicated model. It's a program within the non profit organization, Something Good in the World. The program received funding and support from the Jane Goodall Institute's Roots and Shoots Program and was recognized at the United Nations on International Peace Day in 2016. (3:32 min)



GARRISON (description)

Garrison Art Center 

This video showcases the depth of the art programs, from creation to exhibition, at the Garrison Art Center, nestled in Hudson Valley, New York since 1964.  (3:15 min)


Crew 30th (vid)

CREW 30th (description)

CREW Network Celebrates 30 Years  

CREW Network began in the basement of one of its founding members 30 years ago. Now an international organization with more than 11,000 members, CREW Network continues to grow and research the advantages gained by women working in commercial real estate industry. (5:13mins)


Allegra (vid)

Allegra (description)

Heartsong: Allegra Themmen-Pigott Kulsar 

Heartsong honored one of its beloved music therapists, Allegra Themman-Pigott during the 2021 virtual gala.  Allegra was part of the Heartsong family for decades, bringing her operatic voice, energy and enthusiasm to the music therapy program. She loved her work and saw it as her calling, impacting countless clients. (3:33mins)  Credits


Friends of Karen 40th (vid)

Friends of Karen (description)

Friends of Karen 40th Anniversary 

Meet Friends of Karen families through four decades to understand how the organization goes above and beyond to meet every family's unique needs and how Friends of Karen continues to innovate and learn new ways to support children with critical illnesses and their families. (6:18mins)


Heartsong (vid)

Heartsong (description)


Heartsong is a unique non-profit organization offering music, art and dance therapy programs to all ages including those with special needs, dementia and Alzheimer’s.


CREW (vid)

CREW (description)

CREW Network Convention & Marketplace 2018 | San Diego 

1,200+ commercial real estate professionals from all over the world gathered in San Diego for the 2018 convention, where they expanded their networks, were inspired by speakers including Robin Roberts and heard the latest on what’s happening in commercial real estate through dynamic presenters and various sessions.  (2:33 min)


CREW Foundation (vid)

CREW (description)

CREW Network Foundation 

CREW Network Foundation is committed to bringing more women into commercial real estate with programs that educate women and girls about the career opportunities available to them and creating mentoring relationships for those new to the industry.  (4:26 min)


Westchester Land Trust (vid)

Westchester Land Trust(description)

Westchester Land Trust 

The Westchester Land Trust honors three women who played distinct roles in the growth of the Trust from a few hundred acres 20 years ago to, now, more than 8,000 acres of open space and diverse landscape. The film premiered at the 2017 gala and continues to be used as a valuable information tool for the organization in a variety of settings, including the home page of their website.  (3:29 min)


Friends of Karen: More Time to Love (vid)

Friends of Karen: More Time to Love (description)

Friends of Karen: More Time to Love

This film marks the 30-year legacy of Friends of Karen – a non-profit founded to support families who have a child battling critical illness.


CREW 2017 (vid)

CREW 2017 (description)

Crew Network Convention & Marketplace 2017 | Houston

Commercial real estate professionals from all over the world gathered in Houston in 2017. CREW is transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally.



The Dessertist (vid)

The Dessertist (description)

The Dessertist

Research show 30 seconds is the sweet spot for success when it comes to a promotional video. Swirl through The Dessertist, a magical sweet shop in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, and be enticed! (0.37min)
Watch the extended version, delivered with a touch of personal history, here



Friends of Karen: A Portrait of Strength (vid)

Friends of Karen: A Portrait of Strength (description)

Friends of Karen: A Portrait of Strength

A poignant and intimate interview by NBC National Correspondent Kate Snow with teen Laura Barajas and her family, focused on how their lives dramatically changed with Laura’s cancer diagnosis and how much Friends of Karen provides in both financial and emotional support.


CREW 2016 (vid)

CREW 2016 (description)

CREW Network Marketplace & Convention 2016 | New York 

Commercial Real Estate professionals gathered in New York City in 2016 to be inspired by the latest in what’s happening in commercial real estate, and get an insider’s look at the some of the most innovative commercial space in the world. CREW Network is the premier business network dedicated to transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally.


Healthy Home Builders (vid)

Healthy Home Builders (description)

Healthy Home Builders

Watch this recent installment of "Watch Us Build," a weekly documentary diary of an environmentally friendly home being built in Scarsdale, New York. This film showcases the ways in which Healthy Home Builders is improving the way new homes are built, emphasizing durable and sustainable products such as Vermont slate. (1:34 min)


Joe Adami (vid)

Joe Adami (description)

Joe Adami performs "Cry Me a River" at Embark/Peekskill

This is an excerpt from an hour long live concert we filmed at Embark/Peekskill New York as part of their Embark Suites Music Series 2016. We used three cameras to capture American Songwriter Joe Adami performing original music and some of his favorites, like this one, "Cry Me a River."


Patricia Williams, LCSW (vid)

Patricia Williams, LCSW (description)

Patricia Williams, LCSW

Patricia Williams offers her philosophy and approach to couples therapy as a rejuvenation of hope in a short video for her website.