How It Works

Production Process

How will this film fit into your marketing toolbox?

We sit down with you, usually more than once, to understand your story, your goals and the people you want to reach. We listen to your ideas about where to film and whom to film. Together, we establish a project timeline. We review and discuss the look and feel of the finished product and we’ll also ask you about your preferences for music, imagery, animation or other effects. Finally, we conduct research to familiarize ourselves with your corporation, your audience, your competitors and your history.

We schedule the date(s) for the shoot, determine precise shoot locations and make contact with subjects. We roll!

Footage is managed, organized, transcribed and edited. Our editors choose the “best of the best “ and script comes together with the creative -- effects, visuals and music -- to bring the story into its own. It's a very collaborative process. You’ll have the opportunity to review rough cuts before the final cut.

Final Delivery
Timing is everything in marketing. We want you to make the most of your film. We’ll be there on time so you can engage and inspire your target audience on schedule.

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