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FoK shining

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Friends of Karen Shining Stars Virtual Gala 2021 / Celebrating Resilience and Strength 

In many cases, the onset of Covid19 created a double health crisis. Friends of Karen didn't miss a beat, continuing its blend of financial support and an expert team of social workers and art therapists to ensure no family should face their child's life-threatening illness alone. (6:38mins)  Credits


FoK Vance

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Friends of Karen Humanitarian Award, 2019 

The president of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, Patricia E. Vance, is honored with the Humanitarian Award by Friends of Karen, for her relentless work on behalf of families. Vance explains her connection with the unique non profit that helps families with critically ill children and her role at ESRB. (4:26mins)


FoK Napoli

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Friends of Karen: The Napoli Family 

New York family shows its gratitude to Friends of Karen for its life-changing help when Sophia had a brain tumor. (3:27mins)


FoK Gala 2020

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Friends of Karen Gala, 2020

Non-profit Friends of Karen asked us to tell their story through archival and current footage for their virtual gala in 2020. (6:02mins)


FoK 40th

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Friends of Karen 40th Anniversary 

Meet Friends of Karen families through four decades to understand how the organization goes above and beyond to meet every family's unique needs and how Friends of Karen continues to innovate and learn new ways to support children with critical illnesses and their families. (6:18mins)


FoK More Time to Love

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Friends of Karen: More Time to Love

This film marks the 30-year legacy of Friends of Karen – a non-profit founded to support families who have a child battling critical illness.


FoK Portrait

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Friends of Karen: A Portrait of Strength

A poignant and intimate interview by NBC National Correspondent Kate Snow with teen Laura Barajas and her family, focused on how their lives dramatically changed with Laura’s cancer diagnosis and how much Friends of Karen provides in both financial and emotional support.